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Aratu Forests Limited is one of the largest forestry estates in the Gisborne District of New Zealand’s North Island and a significant contributor to the regional economy.

We manage around 27,000 hectares of Radiata pine plantation on 35,000 hectares of freehold, forest rights and leasehold land.

Through structured investment in our land and assets we have managed to build a high-yielding and sustainable forest.

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Our Name & Philosophy – Aratu is a combination of two Māori words, ‘ara’ which means path and ‘tu’ which means to stand.

We are on a path (ara) to actively pursue improvement and manage for the long term. We stand (tu) to protect and invest in our people and act in an open and honest manner.

The name captures our business’ intention and values.

Our name shows our respect for the traditional owners of the land on which the business operates and the personal and professional ties our staff and contractors have to the Māori community.




Our logo encompasses the shape of the number six which represents our links to the East Coast and the unique whenua.



About Aratu
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